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Incode streamlines global travel and expense management with Brex.


Incode’s finance team was using multiple disparate platforms to manage travel, reimbursements, and overall global spend.

The poor user experience made it difficult for employees to comply with T&E policy, resulting in mountains of manual work for the finance team.

Incode chose Brex to make compliance easy for employees, reduce the finance team’s manual workload, and gain total cost visibility worldwide.

The Impact

8 hours

Saved on reconciliation per month


Improvement in employee policy compliance


Incode is a leading identity company that is reinventing the way humans verify their identity and interact with the world’s largest companies with a highly secure and delightful AI-based experience. Incode’s end-to-end fully automated orchestration platform enables seamless access across multiple channels with products focused on onboarding, authentication and payment verification that increase conversion and reduce fraud. With its mission to power a world of trust, Incode works with several of the world’s biggest banks, fintechs, hotels, governments, and marketplaces.

Founded in 2015, they have over 350 employees with offices in San Francisco, Belgrade, and Mexico City.


Incode’s finance team was using multiple disparate platforms to manage travel, reimbursements, and overall spend — hampering their visibility, efficiency, and data accuracy.

“Our old travel solution caused serious delays in the booking process because employees had to get manager approval for every flight,” said Juan Miguel Salazar Muñoz, Controlling Analyst at Incode. “And we couldn’t sync it with our ERP, so we had to enter everything manually.”

Incode needed a unified spend platform for travel booking and management, cards, global reimbursements, and expense management to streamline approvals and close the books faster.

“There are a lot of moving parts when switching systems, but our transition to Brex was smooth.”

— Gilda Argüelles Tamayo, Accounting Analyst, Incode Technologies


Incode chose Brex as their integrated travel and expense management solution to seamlessly control all global spend — from T&E to procurement — and automate their expense data flow into their ERP through direct integration. Brex’s dedicated implementation team helped Incode migrate data from their legacy platforms, enabling them to deploy their new solution without delay.

“There are a lot of moving parts when switching systems, but our transition to Brex was smooth,” said Incode Accounting Analyst Gilda Argüelles Tamayo. “Brex offers a consumer-grade experience, so our employees didn’t need much hand-holding. But, whenever we had questions, Brex Support was super responsive via phone, chat, or app.”

ERP integrations


Incode dramatically improved their global spend visibility with every type of spend, payment, and travel booking consolidated in one system. “When we had multiple systems for cards, travel, and reimbursements, we couldn’t get an accurate picture of what we were spending,” Juan explained. “Now, with Brex's all-in-one solution and budgets, it's easy for us to track our spend with total cost visibility.”

They also automated expense reporting and integrated with their ERP, slashing much of Incode’s month-end workload while greatly reducing errors. And, thanks to Brex’s automatic receipt and memo collection, there’s far less back-and-forth between the finance team and employees at month end.

“With Brex, we’re saving eight hours on reconciliation every month with a 60% improvement in policy compliance,” said Victor Mendoza, Controlling Analyst at Incode. “Now, we’re able to manage all our global subsidiaries from one dashboard with every transaction auto-mapped to our ERP. Brex has been an absolute game-changer for us.”

Incode's global employees are also saving time. Employees no longer have to search through a lengthy pdf to access the company’s expense policy before booking travel. “Our policy required travel bookings to be made five days in advance, but that wasn’t clear with our old travel portal,” Juan said.

All-in-one expense management and travel

“Now, with Brex, the policy is easy to follow. Our employees have the guidance they need to make the purchases they need while staying on budget, which means less troubleshooting for our finance team. Plus, Brex travel gives our employees easy access to great options and rates, and our policies are auto-enforced, so it's easy for them to book the air and hotel they want while staying in policy.”

Incode has also seen a significant drop in reimbursement efforts for two reasons. First, more employees now have Brex cards to cover their expenses, including travel and personal stipends. And second, Brex’s global reimbursement process is fast and easy. “Brex saved us serious time and totally transformed our payroll process. Before Brex, we had to manually issue every reimbursement,” said Juan. “It used to be a 16-step process. Now, we’re directly reimbursing employees worldwide in a single click.”


Future-proof your T&E.

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