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Triage Staffing saves time and money with Brex travel.


Triage Staffing tried to book business travel through a local travel agency.

The outdated platform made it difficult for employees to book flights, cars, and hotels while staying in policy.

Triage chose Brex for a truly unified and user-friendly travel and spend management solution.

The Impact

10-15 minutes

Average time to book travel

10-15 hours

Saved per month on expense management


Triage Staffing is an award-winning staffing agency specializing in travel assignments for nursing, laboratory, rehabilitation therapy, cardiopulmonary, and radiology professionals. Founded in 2006, they recently landed on Inc.'s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America list.


Triage Staffing tried to control travel spend with a traditional corporate credit card as employees booked their flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms through a local travel agency. The front-end of the travel agency’s platform offered no guidance for navigating in-policy choices, which led to both inefficiency and poor spend policy compliance.

“Our employees would mistakenly book out-of-policy travel, which led to occasional surprise bills,” said Natalie Dircks, Senior Accountant at Triage Staffing. “Those overages would really add up and, with our old corporate credit card, we had no real insight into the total cost until after those dollars were spent.”

Triage Staffing needed a one-stop travel and expense management software to keep everyone on budget and make the booking process easier for its employees

“With Brex, we knew that we could empower employees with better visibility into their Brex card spend and real-time access to the policy data they need.”

— Natalie Dircks, Senior Accountant at Triage Staffing


Triage Staffing considered multiple expense management and business travel platforms before making a decision. Ultimately, they chose Brex for a truly unified T&E solution comprising a corporate credit card with built-in controls, user-friendly travel, and intuitive expense management.

“With Brex, we knew that we could empower employees with better visibility into their Brex card spend and real-time access to the policy data they need,” Natalie said. “Now, Triage employees do all their booking through Brex travel with safeguards to ensure compliance. Plus, our managers and department heads can easily create budgets and spend limits in Brex. It’s a one-stop solution across the board.”

Brex app unified system


Now that managers can create spend limits for everything from travel expenses to business meals with auto-enforced and embedded policies, Triage Staffing is saving money and driving efficiency all at once.

“From start-to-finish, the Brex travel booking process takes our employees about 10-15 minutes, including the time it takes to review different cars, hotels, and flights,” said Natalie. “Brex makes it easy to navigate through all the options with automatic notifications and simple explanations for anything that might be outside of policy parameters. And, with Brex’s unbiased, global inventory, we know we’re always getting the full spectrum of choices with pre-negotiated discounts to drive cost efficiency.”

The accounting team is equally delighted with Brex. “We used to spend 25-30 hours a month managing expenses on our old credit card platform. We estimate we're down to 15 hours or less with Brex,” said Natalie. “Users have total visibility into their spend with Brex. Everything is self-serve, so we’re also saving hours on troubleshooting. But, when employees have questions, they can chat, call, or email Brex Support 24/7.”

“I recommend Brex and Brex travel to all my colleagues. It’s a relief to finally have one seamless solution for T&E, travel booking, cards, and expenses.”

— Natalie Dircks, Senior Accountant at Triage Staffing


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