Why did my check deposit fail?

Check deposits fail for a variety of reasons. Please refer to the suggestions below to ensure a successful check deposit.

The check type wasn’t supported

There are certain types of checks that we cannot accept. See more at Which type of checks can I deposit?.

Illegible or missing details

Checks will be rejected if they cannot be read or if details are missing. Please follow the guidelines below.

  • Use a blue or black ink ballpoint pen.

  • Do not use pencils.

  • Take the picture on a solid black background with all four corners of the check visible (no tears).

  • Ensure that the photo is not blurry.

  • Check for intrusions on the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line and make sure the check, account, and routing numbers are fully visible. If any part of the MICR line is obstructed, the check won’t be accepted and you’ll need to request a new one.

Not an original check

Photocopies or screenshots of checks will not be accepted. Please only take a picture of the original check.

Details do not match

The number manually entered in the check deposit mobile dashboard needs to match all other numbers on the check. Similarly, ensure that the written description of the check amount exactly matches the numerical representation.

Altered checks

The receiver of the check is not allowed to alter any portion of the front of the check. If the name does not match the legal name on your Brex account, please request a new one from the payer rather than try to correct it yourself.

Post-dated or outdated checks

Brex can’t accept checks dated in the future. You can wait to deposit post-dated checks until the date on the check, or contact the payer to request a new check with an earlier date.

Based on the Uniform Commercial Code, we don’t accept checks over 180 days old. We also abide by any printed language on the check noting a sooner void date — i.e., if the check says void after 120 days, we will not accept it after 120 days.

Signature/endorsement issues

If the payer’s signature is missing, the receiver cannot sign on their behalf — you must request a new check. If the endorsement is missing, please endorse and resubmit the check.

Multiple deposits

Checks that have already been deposited at another institution cannot also be deposited into your Brex account.

Incorrect name

Checks must be made payable to one of the names outlined in Who should my checks be payable to?.

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