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Brex uses the aggregate cash balance in your corporate bank account to underwrite your business. Linking allows Brex to have real time visibility over your cash balance and adjust your company credit limit accordingly. If you have a Brex business account, you can also link a bank account to Brex to initiate inbound transfers from your dashboard.

For underwriting

Acceptable account types

No matter the account type, we can only accept bank accounts that are both a business account and a domestic bank account with funds denominated in USD.

  • Account types we can use for underwriting
    • Bank savings or checking
    • Investment and brokerage accounts
      • Cash
      • Cash equivalents (cash, money markets, etc)
      • Short-term debt securities (bonds, Treasury Bills, other types of fixed income)
  • Account types/assets we cannot use to underwrite
  • Equities (stocks)
  • Mutual funds
  • Long-term debt securities
  • Options
  • Cryptocurrency

Other accounts may be considered if they’re liquid and short-term–typically with maturities of less than 12 months. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Sweep or autosweep accounts
    • If a sweep account statement shows a $0 balance, Brex will require statements or a connection with both the sweep account and the originating account.
  • Money market accounts
    • Money market mutual funds will only be accepted if invested entirely in short-term assets.
  • Time deposits
Supported institutions

We support a variety of different business bank accounts to be connected to Brex through our partners Plaid, Finicity, and Teller. You can search for your bank during the process of setting up an external bank connection. Step 1: Click your name at the top right of your dashboard and select Company settings. Step 2: Click Bank connections. Step 3: Scroll down and click Add bank connection on the right. Step 4: Search for your institution. If your bank shows up, you can begin the connection process. If your bank doesn’t show up, please reach out to Brex Support with the name of your bank and the URL you use to sign in to your online banking portal. We may be able to add your bank to our list of approved banks. While we work on that request, you can maintain your credit limit by submitting bank statements.

For Brex business account transfers

In your Brex dashboard, you can link one or more bank accounts to fund your Brex business account or use for reimbursements. To ensure a successful bank connection, make sure the account you’re connecting to is a US depository account — either a business or consumer bank account — and that it meets the following qualifications. If you have a business bank account, the business name of the bank account needs to match with the DBA name on your Brex profile OR that of a parent company / subsidiary with an active Brex account. If you have a consumer bank account, the owner of the bank accounts needs to match with one of the business owners of the Brex entity OR the business owner of a parent company with an active Brex account.

Token-enabled sign-ins

If you have token-enabled sign-in for your Chase accounts, please follow the instructions below to establish a bank connection: Step 1: Sign in to your Brex dashboard. Step 2: Navigate to this unique Bank connections link and search for Chase. Step 3: Follow the prompts. Note: You must be the primary account holder on the Chase account to establish a Chase bank connection.

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