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If things change for your company, whether that’s your name, your incorporation type, your company address, or something else entirely, you can update your Brex account company details to match.

Company name

Legal name

If your company’s legal name has changed, please obtain your Articles of Amendment documentation (Certificate of Name Change or Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation) and provide it to Brex support. If your company’s EIN has changed, make sure you also obtain an IRS letter confirming your company’s new EIN.

“Doing business as” name

Aside from your legal business name, we allow companies to associate one or more Doing Business As (DBA) names with their Brex account. If you have a Brex business account, you can then deposit checks into your account made out to any DBA name we have on file. Establishing a DBA name requires secretary of state DBA documentation provided by the country or state recorder’s office. Note that we cannot accept merger documentation, acquisition documentation, or purchase agreement documentation. Once you have the required documents from the secretary of state, you can provide them to us by reaching out to Brex support via chat. Any DBA documentation provided will remain on file for the lifetime of your account.


If you need to update both your legal company name and DBA name, please contact Brex support with all of the documentation mentioned above.

Incorporation type

If you’ve recently changed your company’s incorporation type, please reach out to Brex Support to provide the following:

  • Incorporation change only:
    • Certificate of Conversion
    • An IRS letter that includes your legal name and new incorporation type
  • Incorporation change and legal name change:
    • Certificate of Conversion
    • An IRS letter showing your new legal name and incorporation type

If you’re missing any of the documents outlined above, please reach out to the IRS or the Secretary of State.

Company address

As an account or card admin, you can update your company’s address by following the steps below. The updated address will be used for your business's physical address, billing address, and the cash beneficiary address used for wire transfers (if your business has a Brex business account). Please keep the following in mind:

  • You cannot change your company address to that of a P.O. Box or USPS address.
  • If you have more than one entity, you can only update the address of your default entity from the dashboard.
    • To update the address of another entity, please contact Brex Support.

Step 1: Click your name at the top right of your dashboard and go to Company settings. Step 2: In the Company information section, click Update address next to Company address. Step 3: Enter your new company address and click Update. You'll receive an email confirmation shortly after that. If you only have a single entity, updating your company address in the dashboard will also update the billing address for all of your cards (current and future). Please make sure you update the billing address on any recurring charges to avoid declines. If your account is multi-entity, updating your company address will only update the billing address of the cards (current and future) that fall under your default entity.

Primary owner

If you have a co-owner of your business, we can note this on your account to help us keep your business information up-to-date. To add a new business owner to your account, please follow the steps below. Step 1: Invite this individual as a new user using this help article. Step 2: Once they’ve accepted the invitation, reach out to Brex Support and request that they be added as an account owner. Note: This won’t impact that user’s permission types in the Brex dashboard.

Statement period

Your company’s statement period will begin on the day of the month that your card account gets approved. If your account approval date was on May 7, for example, your statement period will run from the 7th to the 7th of every month. If this billing period does not work well for your company, please reach out to Brex Support via your dashboard and we'll be happy to update it for you.


We want to make sure you have the tools you need to manage your spend no matter where you are in the world. Brex operates in the Pacific Time Zone (PT), and spend limits created on your account will also default to PT. This means that your spend limits resets on the first day of the PT calendar month. However, this might not work for you if you’re in a different location, so you can choose a different time zone for your account to operate in. You can also break it up on a user and entity level to accommodate a global team. Spend limits start and end based on the company/account timezone. Admins can set the company time zone by following the steps below. Step 1: In your dashboard, click your name in the top right and go to Company settings. Step 2: Next to Company time zone, click Update time zone. Step 3: Choose your desired time zone from the dropdown list and click Update. Note: After updating, all admins on the account will see a banner in their dashboard notifying them of the change.

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