Reapplying to Brex

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Your business is growing every day. Maybe Brex wasn’t a good fit for you in the past, but it could be based on where your company is at now. If your initial Brex application didn’t work out, we have a few options for reapplying in the future, depending on the circumstances of your previous application.

Closed Brex account

If you had an active Brex account in the past but decided to close it, your account has been completely deactivated, meaning that we don’t have the option to reopen it. However, you’re welcome to apply for a new Brex account. Keep in mind that you’ll either need to use a different email address to apply or reach out to Brex Support and request that your old email address be removed so that you can use it again.

Incomplete applications

If you started a Brex application at any point in the past but never got to the point where you submitted it for approval, it may still be active. You can try signing into your dashboard using your same credentials to see if you have the option to resume the application. If you have trouble accessing your old application, please contact Brex Support for help.

Eligibility changes

If you completed your Brex application in the past but didn’t qualify, we may be able to reopen your application so you can update all of your details if they’ve changed. You can reach out to Brex Support with this request, after which you can continue your application by signing into the Brex dashboard.

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