Who should my vendors make my checks be payable to?

To successfully deposit a check via the Brex mobile app, the check must be made payable to one of the following names:

Legal business name

The legal business name associated with your Brex business account is the name you provide us with during the application process.

Legal name of a Brex business account admin or AP clerk

Checks can be made out to the legal name of either a Brex business account admin or AP clerk as provided when inviting the user to Brex.

If the check is made out to a specific user, this same user should endorse the back of the check with their signature.

Doing Business As (DBA) name

You can designate one or more DBA names for your Brex business account at any point after your account is approved. For more information on the requirements, read Can I have more than one business name associated with my account?.

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