Is there a cost for different Brex features?

Brex business account

There are no transaction fees when sending domestic wires, ACHs, or checks via your Brex business account. While there are not any outright fees for international wires, either, these may incur a markup if the currency is converted. Third-party banks may also charge fees to cover their costs. When sending funds internationally, funds may be sent through third-party banks. Additionally, the recipient's bank may charge the recipient a fee to process the wire.

Money market funds may bear fees and expenses. For more details, please refer to our rates & fees schedule.

Brex card transactions

By default, you won’t be charged additional fees for domestic card transactions. International card transactions may be subject to a markup if currency conversion is necessary.

*While there are no per-wire or per-transaction fees, Brex earns revenue from foreign currency exchange. For details, each out to our Legal team to obtain our Brex business account Agreement.

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