How do I reapply to Brex?

Thanks for your continued interest in Brex! We have a few options for reapplying, depending on the circumstances of your previous application. Please refer to the relevant section below.

You previously didn’t qualify for Brex

If you didn’t qualify for a Brex account when you first applied, we may be able to reopen your application when you do meet the requirements for Brex. Please reach out to Brex Support to request this. If approved, you’ll be able to sign back into your dashboard and continue your application.

You had a Brex account, but that account was closed

We can’t reopen a Brex account that has already been closed, but you’re welcome to apply for a new Brex account.

Keep in mind that you’ll either need to use a different email address to apply or reach out to Brex Support and request that your old email address be removed so that you can use it again.

You never finished your application

You may still be able to access your application by signing in to your Brex dashboard. From there, you can pick up where you left off.

If you aren’t able to access your old application, please contact Brex Support for help.

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