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Where do I find booked Brex travel trip details?

You can view upcoming and past trips you’ve booked in your Brex dashboard or app. Outside of your own personal trips, managers can also view trips they manage as a budget owner in the dashboard, while account, card, and travel admins can view all booked trips across your organization.

Note: If your team doesn't have access to Brex travel, an account or card admin can go to Company settings > Plan and billing in the dashboard. From here, you can click on Enable travel, or Schedule a call to learn more.

In your dashboard

You can view your upcoming and past travel arrangements in your dashboard under your Trips tab. Use the filters at the top of the page to help you find a specific trip. If you’re an account, card, or travel admin or budget manager, you’ll have additional search options such as trips by user.

When you find the trip you’re looking for, click on it for additional details.

Account, card, and travel admins can view reports by clicking Insights > Reports. This includes information about booked travel spend, policy compliance, and carbon footprint. You can also generate a comprehensive trips report, which is available as a downloadable CSV.

Brex Plus Account, card, and travel admins can also see Safety or Duty of care, by clicking Insights > Safety. This lets you see where travelers are currently located based on their booked trips.

In your app

You can view your travel arrangements in your Brex app by tapping Trips at the bottom right of your screen. Tap between Upcoming, Drafts, Past, and All to view trips in different statuses.

In the airline app

Once you’ve booked a trip through Brex travel, the trip details will populate in the designated app of the airline carrier. These details will populate within a few hours (or potentially a few days) after the reservation is confirmed through Brex travel.

To view your details in the airline carrier’s app, manually enter your name and confirmation number. If the trip doesn’t auto-populate, you can manually enter the details into the app. Make sure that you’re using the correct name and six-digit confirmation number that you entered into Brex travel when you booked your flight.

Note: You may need to sign into your profile on your airline carrier’s app to see all trips associated with your name and confirmation number.

If your flight does not show up for any reason, please reach out to Brex travel support.

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