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This article refers to a feature that might not be available in your current Brex plan. If you'd like to learn more about this feature and how to unlock additional capabilities in Brex's upgraded plans, please have your account or card admin reach out to Brex Support by clicking on Support in your dashboard.


Premium Enterprise P-card The group events feature lets account, card, and travel admins plan travel for groups of employees and see costs incurred against a spend limit as bookings are made. Event organizers can take the actions detailed below.

Create group travel events

Step 1: From your Brex dashboard, go to Travel > Events. Step 2: Click Create event. Step 3: Enter your event name, destination, start date, end dates, and (optional) a link to the agenda. You can restrict booking types by disabling options to book flights, lodging,car rentals, or rail. These will show up as restricted or pre-booked in the RSVP form for users. By default, these options are enabled. Step 4: After filling out this information, click Create event.

Create guest lists

Step 1: After you’ve created your group event, click Build guest list under Manage attendees. You’ll have several options:

  • Add manually: Search the names of attendees and click Add to guest list. This is better suited for smaller events.
  • Add via CSV: Upload a CSV of names and email addresses and click Add to guest list.
  • Add by direct reports: Search for a manager. You’ll see a hierarchy icon on their name that you can click to add all of their direct reports.

Step 2: After creating a guest list, the names of the guest list will populate at the bottom with a status of Not invited.

Manage your hotel room blocks

A hotel room block is a series of hotel rooms that you’ve already booked outside of Brex, which you can communicate to your attendees when they make their travel arrangements. If you indicated that you already had pre-booked lodging when you created your group travel event, you can provide more info on that here. Otherwise, skip this section. Step 1: After filling out all your other event details, click Manage hotel room blocks on the right. Step 2: Click Download attendee list and open the CSV. Step 3: Fill out columns A through L, adding a line item for every room you have booked. Save the file once complete. Make sure to keep the file in CSV format. Step 4: Back in your Brex dashboard, upload the file and click Review. If everything looks correct, click Upload. If you need to make changes in the future, you can edit the CSV and re-upload it.

Set up spend limits

Step 1: Under Manage spend limit, click Set up a spend limit. You’ll have two options to attach your spend limit: Step 2a: Request a spend limit by filling in the spend limit purpose, entering the spend limit limit to request, choosing the spend limit owner(s), and clicking Add spend limit to event. Step 2b: Use an existing group travel spend limit by choosing the spend limit you want to use and clicking Add spend limit to event.

Invite guests

Step 1: From your created guest list, click Manage attendees > Send invites. Step 2: Guests will be asked the following:

  • To confirm their attendance
  • Whether or not they need to book travel or accommodation
  • For any dietary or accessibility requirements

Step 3: When invites are sent, the guests’ Attendance status under Attendee list will switch from Not invited to Awaiting response. Note: Guests cannot book travel without a spend limit. You can set this up later and everyone in your guest list will be notified.

Send event reminders

There are two options to send reminders to guests who have neither responded to the invitation nor have fully completed their bookings. Option 1: Send a manual reminder by going to Manage guests > Send reminders > Send reminder (under Manual reminders). Option 2: Set up an automatic reminder by going to Manage guests > Send reminders. Toggle on Automatic reminders.

Accept invitations

When an employee is invited to a group event, they’ll receive both an email and a push notification via their mobile device that allows them to RSVP. The notification can be found in Inbox > Tasks in the Brex dashboard. The mobile notification can be found under Inbox at the bottom of the Brex app. Employees can RSVP by following these steps: Step 1: Click RSVP. Step 2: Choose from the following:

  • I’m attending and I need to book.
  • I’m attending but do not need to book.
  • I cannot attend this event.

Step 3: Depending on the option selected above, confirm whether you need to book a flight, hotel, or rental car. Step 4: Input any dietary restrictions and accessibility requirements. You can make modifications to these elections at any time. Once you confirm the type of bookings you need, the trip that you were invited to will show up in the Trips tab. To get started booking your trip that you were invited to, click Book trip.

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