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Brex travel rewards is powered by Spotnana and lets you exchange your Brex points for travel accommodations. You can access the Spotnana booking portal from your Brex dashboard, where you can set up a profile, book travel, and manage upcoming arrangements. You can even use the travel rewards portal to book accommodations using a card.

Create a Spotnana profile

Prior to booking travel using travel rewards, make sure you have a profile with Spotnana. Your Spotnana profile is created automatically when you sign in for the first time via the Brex Rewards dashboard. If you don’t have a Brex account yet, an account or card admin can make one for you by clicking Change traveler and Register new traveler on the Spotnana home page. Following your account’s creation, you can update your account details from your Spotnana profile.

Booking travel for yourself

In your dashboard

Account and card admins can book travel in their Brex dashboard by following the steps below: Step 1: Go to Rewards on the left side of your Brex dashboard > Travel and click Book flights and hotels. Step 2: Enter your desired travel details and select your flight or hotel of choice. Step 3: Enter your personal travel and billing information. Account or card admins can also go to the Review itinerary page, click Payment method and select Brex points to book using your accumulated points. If this option isn’t available, it could be for one of three reasons:

  • This particular trip is ineligible for points redemption.
    • Airbnb stays are an example of accommodations that cannot be booked using Brex points.
  • You don’t have sufficient points for the entire purchase.
    • Split payments aren't supported, even when it comes to upgrading an existing reservation.
  • You’re not an account or card admin.
In your app

Booking travel rewards arrangements is only possible via the desktop browser.

Booking travel for team members

Account and card admins can book travel either for yourself or for a colleague using the travel rewards portal. To book travel for a colleague, click Book for guest. If the selected traveler has signed in to Spotnana via Brex before, their profile will be available for selection. If not (or if the traveler does not have an active Brex account), an admin can fill in the traveler’s information on the checkout page. Note: You can choose to pay for this booking with reward points or with a Brex credit card. Once you book for your colleague once, travel rewards will store their profile in a dropdown menu making it easy to book for them again. When you check out, your colleague will receive their itinerary with relevant updates. Spotnana only allows for individual bookings. If an admin wants to book for multiple travelers, they can book one at a time by changing the applicable profile on the Spotnana home page.

Changing role types for booking purposes

Only account and card admins can book on behalf of others in the Spotnana portal. If non-admins would like to book for others, their admin can update their role in Spotnana using these instructions: Step 1: At the top of the Spotnana home page, go to Program > Settings > Users. Step 2: Click on the user whose role needs to be changed and select Roles. Step 3: Change the user’s role to Company admin or Travel arranger and click Save. If the non-admin is made a travel arranger, they can make bookings on behalf of those already in the Spotnana system, but cannot create users themselves. If the non-admin is made a company admin, they can book for others, create new profiles, and view and spend points.

Updating travel arrangements

Cancel arrangement

Most flights and hotels can be canceled by the user from the Spotnana Online Booking Tool (OBT). In cases where online cancellation isn’t available, please contact our travel support team via chat or phone for assistance. For fully refundable bookings, it may take up to three hours for the refund to reflect in the Brex rewards points balance. Refunds will be issued within three hours for refundable hotels and voidable airline tickets (so long as they’re canceled within the 24-hour void window). Refunds for refundable airline tickets will be issued within 7-10 business days.

Update arrangement

Most flights can be changed once by the user from the Spotnana Online Booking Tool (OBT). The Spotnana travel support team is available via phone or chat to assist with subsequent changes to flight bookings. Please contact the Spotnana travel support team via the Spotnana support page to change a hotel reservation. Please be aware that modifications to a hotel booking are highly dependent on its refund policy. Any supplier-specific change fees applicable can only be paid with a credit card. Reward points cannot be used to pay for such change fees.

Payment methods

We offer a variety of payment options on the travel rewards portal. You can pay with:

  • Your Brex card (earn 4 points per $1 spent)
  • Brex reward points (admins only)

Note: A maximum of one payment type can be used per reservation. To use points, you'll need to have enough points to pay for the entire reservation.

Rewards points

Account and card admins can redeem their company’s reward points for flights and hotels. Certain content may not be eligible for booking via reward points. This includes — but is not limited to — flights with European low-cost carriers, as well as hotels denominated in non-USD currencies. If available, the option to pay via reward points will be shown on the checkout page. When redeeming reward points to book a hotel, a portion of the total amount may still be due at the property in the form of local fees or taxes. This can be paid for with any credit card. Points may only be redeemed for the portion of payment due at online checkout.

Airline miles

While you cannot use loyalty points/miles to book inside Spotnana, you can transfer Brex rewards points to airline miles. Note: You can earn loyalty points/miles points on flights booked through Spotnana if you enter your loyalty program information into your travel profile.


Trip/booking fee

A $10 service fee will be charged per trip and a single trip may include any combination of flights, hotels, and rental car bookings. The service fee is non-refundable except in the case of failed ticketing. If the payment is made via credit card, the service fee will be charged to the credit card. If the payment is made with Brex reward points, the equivalent of $10 in reward points will be deducted from your reward points balance.

Change/cancellation fees

The Spotnana Team handles all change and cancellation requests. Our partner does not charge any cancellation fees for these requests. However, depending on the type of change request, the time at which it was made, and the type of ticket originally booked (refundable or non-refundable), airlines and hotels may charge a change fee that is outside of our control. Typically, airlines will charge a change fee of $150-200 for domestic flights and sometimes up to $500 for international flights. Please reach out to our travel partners directly for assistance.


The reward travel options available for redemption at any given time are based on the following:

  • Limited availability: Airlines allocate a limited number of seats for rewards bookings. If these seats are already booked or not open on your designated travel date, they won't be listed. This is especially true during peak travel periods, such as holidays and weekends.
  • Hotel availability: Not all properties and/or dates are eligible for points redemptions (known as fully prepaid rates). The property decides which room type(s) and how many of each type they make available in those specific rate categories. The booking tool will display nearby properties who are offering those types of rates eligible for points redemption.
  • Blackout dates: Some airlines may have blackout dates that aren’t available for rewards booking, often during peak travel periods or other busy times. It's important to check the airline's reward program terms and conditions to see if blackout dates apply.
  • Schedule changes: Airlines may change their flight schedules or cancel flights. If a flight you had booked via rewards points is canceled, you may be able to rebook on a different flight or get a refund of your points.
  • Partner airlines: Partner airlines may have individual rules and restrictions when it comes to rewards bookings. You may need to be flexible with your travel dates and destinations to find a flight that works for you.

Occasionally, technical issues may prevent rewards bookings from being processed. If you're experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later or contact the Spotnana rewards team via chat or phone from their support page.

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