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What happens when I book an out-of-policy trip with Brex travel?

Note: If your team doesn't have access to Brex travel, admins can go to Settings > Plans & Product access > Schedule a call in their dashboard to learn more.

Post approval

If you book travel that is out of your company’s travel policy, the travel booking will still process successfully, provided that you have enough funds available in your travel budget.

After the booking has been charged, the expense will show as an out-of-policy expense. The expense will be flagged for review and the admin will receive a notification.


If you want to book out-of-policy travel, first request a travel budget with relevant details about the trip you intend on taking. Managers and admins can review the request and either approve or deny it. For instructions, please see How do I set up a travel budget for my trip with Brex travel?.

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