Is the Brex card a debit card / secured card?

All Brex cards are credit cards. We report your payment history on these cards to business credit bureaus so that Brex can help you build business credit.

Payment is typically due for daily statement card balances every day. However, funds aren’t immediately withdrawn whenever you transact. Instead, all of your cleared transactions are added to your statement, which is paid automatically according to your account type (daily or monthly).

A key difference that sets the Brex card apart from other credit cards is its dynamic limit structure. Rather than maintaining a fixed credit limit, the limit on your Brex card will update in relation to your cash balances.

The Brex credit card is also not categorized as a secured credit card. This is because we don’t require collateral or security deposits — though your Brex card does have several benefits that you wouldn’t find with a standard unsecured credit card. Most notably, Brex cards can help you build credit with on-time payments for your statement balance.

As an extension of this, Brex credit cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.

To learn how to transfer your balance, see How do I send a payment?.

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