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Brex cards can be used by your team to pay for work-related purchases. Since your team members will rely on their various Brex cards to enable them in their day to day, it’s important to understand how a Brex card functions.

All Brex cards

All Brex cards are credit cards. We report your payment history on these cards to business credit bureaus so that Brex can help you build business credit. Payment is typically due every day for accounts with daily statements. However, funds aren’t immediately withdrawn whenever you transact. Instead, all of your cleared transactions are added to your statement, which is paid automatically according to your account type (daily or monthly). A key difference that sets the Brex card apart from other credit cards is its dynamic limit structure. Rather than maintaining a fixed credit limit, the limit on your Brex card will update in relation to your cash balances. The Brex credit card is not categorized as a secured credit card. This is because we don’t require collateral or security deposits — though your Brex card does have several benefits that you wouldn’t find with a standard unsecured credit card. Most notably, Brex cards can help you build credit with on-time payments for your statement balance. As an extension of this, Brex credit cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.


Automatic Billing Update (ABU) is an automated solution by Mastercard that allows cardholders to switch card-on-file credentials from an existing card to a new card. This allows you to move future transactions easily and migrate spend from the cards on file to newly-issued cards. We may be able to accommodate ABU requests so long as the credentials are moved over from one Brex Mastercard to another. If transactions are being migrated from multiple cards, they can either be moved to individual new cards or consolidated onto one new card. If you’d like to complete this request, please chat with Brex Support for more information. Note: Even after completing an ABU, some merchants may still need you to manually update the card credentials they have on file.

Physical Brex cards


We have contactless cards available, though not all physical Brex cards are contactless by default. You can tell if your card has this functionality by checking for this icon on the back of the card.

CX - Contactless

If you’re interested in a contactless Brex card, please reach out to Brex Support to request one.


All Brex cards have 3D Secure (3DS) enabled and are compatible with 3DS protection globally. 3DS is an additional layer of security for online credit card transactions used by card networks, helping to reduce the risk of fraud. Many regions worldwide support 3DS to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandates. When an online transaction uses 3DS, you’ll be asked to verify the transaction on the merchant website at checkout.

HC - 3DS 02

You’ll receive an email and/or SMS with a one-time password (OTP) to complete the verification. Input the OTP into the field labeled Confirmation code and click Confirm.

HC - 3DS 01

Once the verification is successful, you’ll be returned to the merchant website to finish the checkout process. If you didn’t receive the confirmation code via email address or SMS, please try requesting a new code. If you’re still having issues, please chat with Brex Support through your dashboard.

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