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Brex will send you different kinds of alerts and notifications to make sure that you’re updated on changes to your account, product updates, tasks that require action, etc. These messages can come through different channels including email, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, or push notification. To make sure that you can keep up to date on account-related matters without it becoming overwhelming, you can manage the alerts and notifications that you receive.

Notification preferences

You can manage your notification preferences from the Brex dashboard or mobile app. Here are some ways you can customize notifications:

  • Unsubscribe from non-essential notifications.
  • Choose which channel(s) you want to receive specific types of notifications through
  • You can use WhatsApp as a notifications channel, so long as you already have your SMS notifications turned on.
In your dashboard

To review and update notification settings, follow the steps below. Step 1: From the Brex dashboard, click your name in the upper right corner, then click Notification preferences. Step 2: Review the SMS/WhatsApp settings and available alert types and use the toggles or dropdown menus to update how you receive communications.

In your app

You can choose to opt-in or out of any notifications from your app by following the steps below. for push notifications, SMS notifications, or both. To check that your notifications are enabled or disabled, follow the steps below. Step 1: Open the Brex app. Step 2: Tap the Settings icon on the top right and open Notifications under General. Step 3: Tap on Messaging Settings to manage SMS/WhatsApp settings, or tap on any of the Notification Categories (e.g. Your Wallet) to manage specific notification types. Use the toggles to update how you receive communications.

Notification categories

Notifications are grouped by categories. Tapping on any of these groups will open a menu with the associated available notification channels that you can configure. Not all notification groups will have all channels (email, push, and text [SMS/WhatsApp]) available. Some notifications will also be grayed out until other notification settings have first been enabled. If text preferences are turned off, all text channels will appear disabled. If push preferences are turned off through the app settings, push channels won’t appear as an option.

Managing push preferences

Instead of being managed within the Brex app, push preferences are managed in the system app settings. On iOS, you can access this by going to Settings and choosing the Brex app. Tap Notifications and turn push permissions off or on via the Allow Notifications toggle. On Android, long press the Brex app and tap App Info > Notifications. Turn push permissions off or on via the All Brex Notifications toggle. If you’ve turned off push permissions, you’ll see a warning banner in your Brex app’s notification settings. If you choose not to turn push permissions back on, you can dismiss this banner.

Manage tasks

All Brex users, whether you’re an admin or an employee, will see Tasks on both the dashboard and Brex app to help you prioritize and address critical tasks, requests, and necessary account-related actions. Some of the tasks you’ll see populate include those related to expenses/reimbursements, spend limits, cards, and requests for documentation.

In your dashboard

You can view any outstanding tasks from your Brex dashboard by clicking Tasks on the left side of your dashboard. Tasks will be laid out based on what’s most critical. Depending on the specific task, you can click on it to be directed to the place in your dashboard where you can address it. In your Tasks tab, you’ll see both a tab for drafts and for your personal requests. Managers will also see an overview of company-wide action items.

  • Requests shows pending spend limit requests and reimbursement requests that you have submitted and are awaiting approval.
  • Drafts contains reimbursements that you have started but have not yet submitted. You can save your work as a draft here to be completed at a later time.
  • Business accounts appears if you have a Brex business account, and shows you transactions that need approval or review. You can find Brex business account maintenance-related actions in the Tasks tab and non-actionable notifications in the Notification center.
  • Expenses shows managers, account admins, and card admins their direct reports’ expenses pending review. Account and card admins can also see all company expenses with submitted documentation pending review.
  • Reimbursements shows managers, account admins, and card admins reimbursement requests submitted by their direct reports pending review. Admins can also see all company reimbursement requests pending review.
  • Spend limit shows managers, account admins, and card admins their direct reports’ spend limit requests pending review. Account and card admins can also see all company spend limit requests pending review. By default, these are filtered by requests pending review. You can remove the filters to see all your other outstanding requests.
  • Essentials Spend Insights shows account and card admins any card expenses pending review.
  • Bills lets you instantly approve bills that your team has drafted.
In your app

You can manage your tasks from your Brex app by tapping Tasks at the bottom of your screen. Each unread task will have an action prompt to the right of the entry, which will vary depending on the task. For example, if the notification is reminding you that your physical card will expire soon, you’ll be prompted to Replace card.


To view notifications tap the bell sign at the top of the screen. Tapping on each notification will redirect you to the page for more detail.

Task priority

If you go to Tasks in your dashboard, you’ll find your tasks separated into two categories: company tasks (for admins only) and personal tasks. Within these categories,here are the different tags you can expect to find:

  • Critical: This tag indicates that a failure to complete the call to action within a timely manner may have an impact on your spend compliance or overall limit. To help avoid this, please make sure that you resolve anything marked as critical right away.
  • Due in [#] days: This tag indicates that the task is required, but that you still have some time to get it done.
  • Optional: This tag indicates that you can complete the action, but choosing not to do so won’t negatively impact your account.

Note: Tasks with a tag of Critical or Due in [#] days are required.

Viewing tasks

By default, you’ll see a list of expenses in the page’s Ready for review section that are pending documentation from the cardholder. You can sort your outstanding tasks by either Documentation overdue for expenses that have passed their compliance deadline with no documentation uploaded or by Missing documentation 14+ days for expenses that have been missing documents for at least 14 days.

Deleting drafts

In your dashboard

Step 1: Click Tasks > Drafts. Step 2: Click on the drafted task you want to delete. Step 3: From the task’s detail window, click Delete in the top right.

In your app

Step 1: Go to Tasks and tap the task you want to delete. Step 2: Tap Delete draft at the bottom of the screen.

WhatsApp notifications

WhatsApp is a messaging tool that allows customers all over the world to access messages with a data signal instead of a cellular network. Because Brex works globally, we’re offering WhatsApp capabilities so that international teams can easily manage expenses wherever they may be. Currently, Brex supports card activation and receipt uploads through WhatsApp. All other alerts and announcements will be sent via SMS or mobile app notifications, depending on which settings you have enabled and where you are based.

Enable or disable WhatsApp

If you don’t already have the WhatsApp application, please download it at the relevant link below.

  • Install on Android
  • Install on iOS

To enable WhatsApp notifications and functions for your Brex account, please follow the steps below. Step 1: Sign in to your Brex dashboard and go to Notification preferences under your name in the top-right corner. Step 2: Toggle WhatsApp On to enable it. Toggle WhatsApp Off to disable it. Step 3: Enable Categories, by toggling on Charge on my card and Declines expenses to On.

Re-enable WhatsApp

You can re-enable SMS and WhatsApp by individually toggling on Charge on my card and Declines expenses under Notification preferences in your dashboard. If you have responded STOP to a message via WhatsApp but want to enable Brex WhatsApp messages again, please message START to WhatsApp. Right now, the Brex WhatsApp integration requires that you also opt in to SMS notifications. Disabling SMS will disable WhatsApp.

WhatsApp phone numbers

Brex has dedicated multiple numbers to WhatsApp. Below is a list of the current numbers we will message you from. For your security, please verify that the WhatsApp profile of all the numbers contacting you is Brex and make sure that the number has a verified business checkmark next to the logo. We will keep this list updated.

  • 18775662739
  • 18885742739
  • 18775612739
  • 18882502739
  • 18772912739
  • 18333792739
  • 18336932739
  • 18885762739
  • 18339672739
  • 18559562739


Receiving emails from Brex

If you’re not receiving emails from Brex, please try the following:

  • Make sure you use the email address associated with your Brex account.
  • Make sure your IT department has allowlisted and
  • Make sure you have added the domain to your allowlist or safe senders list
  • Check your spam/trash folder for an email from the sender /
    • If you’ve set up filters, the email may route to a different folder.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then sign in again.
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