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How do I start using Brex travel?

Brex allows travelers to compliantly and instantly book travel for work trips. Account and card admins can request access to Brex travel directly from their dashboard.

Note: If your team doesn't have access to Brex travel, an account or card admin can go to Company settings > Plan and billing in the dashboard. From here, you can click on Enable travel, or Schedule a call to learn more.

Traveler profile

To start booking with Brex travel, you’ll first want to complete your traveler profile by following these steps.

In your dashboard

Go to Trips and click Manage profile.

In your app

Tap the settings icon in the top right of your screen and go to Travel > Traveler profile.

Contact information

Add your general contact information such as gender, date of birth, phone number, address, passport or travel documents, Known Traveler Number, passport information, emergency contacts, etc.


Your name must exactly match the government-issued ID that you will use for your trip. This cannot be a nickname or preferred name.

If you need to change the name used on your bookings, go to the Passenger section of your traveler profile.


In your traveler profile, you can choose your flight preferences, preferred alliances, preferred airlines, cabin and seats, seat amenities, meal preferences, fare attributes, and alert notifications to your email.

Loyalty programs

You can add your favorite loyalty program membership information across flights, hotels, and rental cars to your profile. Brex travel will store this information and apply it to applicable bookings. Adding your loyalty program(s) details also lets you earn the same loyalty points you would normally receive when you book on Brex travel.

This can be done (or updated at any time) by following the steps below.

Step 1: From your Traveler profile, go to Loyalty programs.

Step 2: Depending on whether you want to add airline, hotel, or rental car loyalty numbers, click on the airplane logo, the hotel logo, or the car logo, respectively.

Step 3: Click + to search for your loyalty program and enter your program number. Click Save.

Known Traveler Number

You can add your TSA PreCheck Known Traveler Number (KTN) into your traveler profile to have it automatically added to applicable bookings made through Brex travel.

Step 1: In your Brex travel profile, click Personal.

Step 2: Enter your KTN number in the KTN/TSA-Pre field and save your changes.

A KTN or Global Entry number can also be added post-booking, but must be added before check-in to reflect on your ticket.

Note: The traveler information in your traveler profile must match the government-issued ID that was used with the US Department of Homeland Security application for the KTN. If not, your TSA PreCheck will not be reflected on the booking.

Notifications settings

You or your account copilot can enable or disable notifications related to trips and Brex travel by following these steps.

Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Trips > Manage profile > Preferences.

Step 2: In the Alerts section, check or uncheck the box beside alerts you do or do not want to receive. Any alert toggled on will also go to your account copilot.

Note: By default, confirmation emails and flight notifications will be turned on.

Choose your travel budget

In Brex travel, every trip will be associated with a travel budget that you designate prior to booking. Travel can be booked using the card that is tied to the travel budget or, if eligible, a personal credit card.

This budget will need to be able to accommodate the cost of the trip; otherwise, the booking will not be successful. To request a travel budget, please see How do I set up a travel budget for my trip with Brex?.

Brex Plus In your travel budget request, you can give a name of the trip, purpose of the trip, means of travel, destination, proposed departure dates, and a budget limit. Once the requested budget has been approved, you can begin booking.

Personal travel credit card benefits

You can continue to receive and use your travel perks and benefits from your personal credit card when booking through Brex travel, including statuses with specific airlines or hotels. Some examples of benefits include expedited check in, complimentary seat/room upgrades, and access to airline or credit card specific airline lounges.

As long as the benefit in question is not tied to using the personal credit card, the benefit will still apply. For example, if you have premium status with an airline, a membership or a special travel credit card that allows the VIP lounge, you will still be able to access these benefits.

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