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How do I manage Brex travel users?

Note: If your team doesn't have access to Brex travel, an account or card admin can go to Company settings > Plan and billing in the dashboard. From here, you can click on Enable travel, or Schedule a call to learn more.

Adding and editing users

Before adding a new user to Brex travel, the employee must have already accepted their invitation to Brex. For help inviting employees, please see How do I add and manage users on my Brex account?.

Note: Only users with the role types of employee, account admin, card admin, or traveladmin can request travel budgets, book travel, and enable other employees at the company to book travel on their behalf. This includes designated managers with these role types.

Deactivated users

Upcoming trips

If a user's account is deactivated, any upcoming bookings made under that account will remain valid unless they are canceled. To view and manage these bookings, you can either generate a booking report or contact Brex travel support.

There are two options for handling these bookings:

  1. Cancel the booking(s) and forfeit any payment made.

  2. Cancel the booking(s) and request a refund or credit directly from the provider.

Airline credits

In certain situations, Brex travel has the ability to transfer airline credits from a deactivated user account to a collective company pool of credits. Please reach out to Brex travel support to begin this process.

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