How can I track an outgoing ACH or wire payment?


ACH transfers can be tracked via a 15-digit number referred to as a trace number. The trace number is issued by the sending institution, and can be provided to your receiving institution to track the impending transfer even before it has arrived in their system.

You can obtain your Brex trace number by reaching out to Brex Support, which can then be provided to the party receiving your ACH for tracking purposes. Please be sure to wait 1 full business day after initiating the ACH, however, so the trace number has time to be generated and assigned.

For inbound ACHs, you can also ask your beneficiary for their trace number, and provide it to us for tracking purposes. This can be especially helpful if you notice your transfer is outside of standard processing time.

On the business day after your ACH or wire was processed, go to Cash > Transactions in your Brex dashboard and click the transfer transaction for more details. Here you’ll be able to see tracking information that you can share with the receiving institution.

Domestic wires

After you’ve initiated a domestic wire from your Brex dashboard, it’ll be assigned a tracking number within 1 business day. This can be given to the receiving institution to track the incoming transfer.

You can find your wire’s tracking information by following the steps below.

Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Cash > Transactions.

Step 2: Find the wire and click on it.

Step 3: In the popup window, you’ll find your wire’s tracking information, listed as your IMAD and OMAD.

International wires

International wires won’t have tracking information available in your dashboard. You can, however, reach out to Brex Support to obtain this.


Outgoing checks from your Brex Cash account are sent via USPS. They won’t have a tracking number, so please allow approximately 2 weeks for their arrival.

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