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Brex uses connected bank accounts to help determine your company’s credit limit. Account and card admins can connect additional bank accounts, remove or fix a current connection, and verify which accounts are currently connected, all from the Brex dashboard.

Add new bank connections

Connecting additional bank accounts is one way to positively impact your credit limit. It only takes a few easy steps to add a bank connection! Step 1: Go to Accounts > External accounts. Step 2: In the top right, click Add account. Step 3: Follow the prompts to enter your online banking credentials. Step 4: Choose whether you want to verify and securely save your phone number through Plaid’s system. Some institutions may use a phone number for verification purposes instead of your login credentials.

Remove bank connections

Remember that your Brex credit limit is determined in part by the cash balances in your connected bank accounts. Removing a connection without adding another one could have a negative impact on your credit limit. If you'd like to remove a connection, please follow the steps below. Step 1: Go to Accounts > External accounts. Step 2: Find the bank you'd like to disconnect. Step 3: Click the trash can icon on the right next to the bank you would like to disconnect. Note: If you only have one bank account connected for underwriting, you won’t be able to disconnect it until you’ve connected an alternative bank account.

View connected bank accounts

Because Brex connects to your bank via your online login credentials, multiple bank accounts may be related to one set of login credentials. You can view the names and the last four digits of the account numbers of each one by following the steps below. Step 1: Go to Accounts > External accounts. Step 2: Click on the respective bank connection. All connected accounts for that bank will be displayed.

Fix a current connection

We may occasionally lose connection to your bank account for a number of reasons, some of which include:

  • Your online banking credentials have changed.
  • You have been logged out of your bank account for security reasons.
  • There are a limited number of devices that can be connected at a time.

To reconnect your bank to Brex, follow the steps below. Step 1: Go to this link. Step 2: Follow the prompts to reconnect your account. If at any time you receive an email from Brex stating that your connection between your business bank account and Brex was recently lost, check if there is a Fix connection link in your dashboard. If not, check the last sync date on the connection to see if the connection has synced in the previous week. If the last sync date is over a week ago, you'll need to delete the connection and re-add the connection.

First Republic Bank Integration

In June 2022, we released a new reliable banking integration with First Republic Bank. Follow the steps below to reconnect with First Republic Bank, which will automatically use the new integration. Step 1: Obtain a set of read-only credentials from First Republic Bank. Step 2: Navigate to this unique bank connections link and follow the prompts.


If you have issues connecting or reconnecting your bank to Brex, please try the following troubleshooting suggestions. Note: Even if your primary funding source disconnects, your payments to Brex will still be made via an ACH at the end of your statement period.

  • Location
    • If you're not currently in the United States, please try again when you are back in the US, or try using a VPN.
  • Role type
    • Only account admins and card admins can add a bank connection.
  • Accurate bank credentials
    • To make sure your bank account credentials are correct, connect your bank account from scratch and manually type in your credentials instead of pre-filling them.

If you're still having issues, please contact Brex Support so that we can help troubleshoot or discuss a temporary solution.

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