How can I set up reimbursement syncing for my integration?

Quickbooks Online

If using QuickBooks Online, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Confirm your QuickBooks integration so that you can save time reconciling expenses.

Step 2: Connect your QuickBooks bank feed.

Step 3: Click Connect on the Integrations page and finish the steps to enable expense data.

Step 4: Reimbursements will automatically sync to QuickBooks as expense transactions once they are paid.

CX: Integrations - Connect


If using NetSuite, finish the following steps so you can save time reconciling your expenses.

Step 1: Set up the NetSuite integration.

Step 2: Under Integrations > NetSuite > Manage, enable Reimbursements syncing.

Step 3: Select the GL account used to pay your reimbursements. This account will be credited in your journal entry.

Step 4: Once these steps are complete, reimbursements will automatically sync to NetSuite as journal entries once they are paid.

Other softwares

If you use a different software, you can manually export a CSV of all paid reimbursement transactions.

CX: reimbursements data

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