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All Brex transactions contain Category fields, which are determined via expense data and can be used to more efficiently code the GL field on your transactions. Brex uses a common set of standard categories that can easily be mapped to your GL accounting fields. Mappings are part of the Accounting page onboarding process when you first open your Brex account. Following this, they can be accessed through the dashboard via Accounting > Manage accounting fields > Mappings > Mappings. You can match up the Brex category/merchant to your GL account mappings by clicking on one of the GL account sections. Brex expense categories should closely resemble your GL category fields. Here’s an example of a Brex category to GL account mapping: Brex category: Advertising & marketing > GL account: 6010 Advertising

HC - Category Mapping 01

We recommend mapping all Brex categories. Expenses with uncategorized GL fields cannot be exported to your ERP. Note: If you’ve created any custom rules, those will override your mappings.

Map categories

Category rules are a type of mapping whereby a particular Brex category is mapped to a category in a GL account that lives within your chart of accounts. They can be mapped for the following integrations: NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, and Xero. Account admins, card admins, and bookkeepers can create these mapping rules by following the steps below. Step 1: In your dashboard, click Accounting. Step 2: Click Manage accounting fields and go to the Mappings tab. Step 3: Click GL accounts to Brex categories to expand the section. Step 4: Click the Add mapping button to map the categories.

Refresh categories

Brex admins and bookkeepers can refresh your updated GL accounts within Brex by performing the following actions. Step 1: Click your name in the top right of the Brex dashboard, then go to Integrations. Step 2: Beside your connected integration, click the three dots and click Refresh. Doing so will import any updates you've made to your ERP or accounting software. If you have new GL accounts come through after the refresh, please remap all of your Brex categories to the new GL accounts to prevent exporting errors. Important: Depending on the size of your chart of account, this process may take a few moments. You can navigate away from the page while the refresh takes place. Otherwise, you’ll see a green checkmark appear once it has been completed.

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