Do Brex cards support Automatic Billing Updates (ABU)?

Automatic Billing Update (ABU) is an automated solution by Mastercard that allows cardholders to switch card-on-file credentials from an existing card to a new card. This allows you to move future transactions easily and migrate spend from the cards on file to newly-issued cards.

If you’d like to request ABU on your cards, we may be able to accommodate this request if the following qualifications are met:

  • Credentials must be moved over to a Mastercard from either another credit card company (e.g., Amex or Visa) or a Brex card.

  • Transactions on multiple cards should be moved on over to individual new cards accordingly

    • E.g., if you have two cards the cardholder would like to migrate spend from, there needs to be two new cards created for the respective cards.

If you’d like to complete this request, please chat with Brex Support for more information.

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