Can I send checks from my Brex Cash account?

Yes, you can send checks! To arrange for a check to be sent, please follow the steps below.

Note: All checks sent from Brex Cash are standard checks. We don’t currently support sending other check types, such as cashier’s checks.

In the dashboard

Step 1: Click Cash on the left side of your Brex dashboard and then Send payment on the right.

Note: If you have bill pay enabled, your prompts will be Send funds > To external account > Vendor.

Step 2: Enter your recipient's name.

Step 3: Under Payment type, select Check. Also enter the amount you want to send and a memo, if you'd like.

Step 4: Enter the recipient's mailing address and click Next.

Step 5: Enter your recipient's email address if you'd like to alert them.

Step 6: Select a delivery date and click Review.

Step 7: Review all check details and click Create payment to send or schedule the check.

In the app

Step 1: From your homescreen, tap Transfer and choose Check.

Step 2: Select a Cash account to use for the payment under From.

Step 3: Choose an existing recipient and tap Continue, or tap Add new recipient.

Step 4: If adding a new recipient, enter their sending information throughout the next several screens.

Step 5: Enter the payment amount.

Step 6: Choose the payment date and whether you want it to repeat.

Step 7: Review the payment details and click Send.

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