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Account Setup
Account Setup
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Implementation guides

From integration guides to tutorial videos, get all the resources you need to set up Brex Empower.

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  • Getting started
  • Budgets
  • Accounting
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  • Multi-entity management
  • Team access
  • Travel
  • Onboarding Brex as a vendor


Welcome to Brex! Let’s get you set up for success. This hub has everything you need to move through the implementation process quickly and address any questions you may have.

On the left, navigate to the most relevant section for you, or scroll down to flow through the onboarding process step by step.

Weekly webinars

Attend our weekly webinars to join our Customer Success Team for an overview of the platform.

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Access webinar recording

If you can’t join live, register to access a recording below:

Getting started

We’ll introduce you to the Brex dashboard and help you start adding your employees to Brex.

Essential setup

Learn how to set up your Brex account with foundational features.


Set up pre-approved budgets for travel, stipends, and more with auto-enforced rules and blocks. Budgets make it easy to allocate spend limits for every need — and keep everyone compliant automatically.

Budgets best practices

Download the relevant guide below to review best practices for setting up budgets, including example frameworks for different company types.

Companies with <500 employees:

Companies with >500 employees:

Global companies with >1 country of operation:

Automated policy settings

Use budget templates to embed your company spend policies in every budget, empowering employees to request spend limits for certain core purposes like business travel, stipends, and procurement — with the appropriate policy already built in.


Automate manual processes by integrating your ERP with Brex. We also offer a robust set of automatic classifications, customizations, and export options to fit your accounting needs.

Set up account mapping

Learn how to map accounting fields from Brex to your ERP to automatically categorize expenses and use custom fields to automate mapping based on multiple fields.

Questions? Check out our Help Center

Integrate with Universal CSV

Sync Brex data with a Universal CSV to help you close your books faster.

Universal CSV helpful links

How to set up the accounting tab

Brex combines workflows, automation, and insights to unblock accounting teams from daily preparing, reviewing, and exporting expenses. In this video, we’ll help you set up the Accounting tab so your team can streamline workflows, automate manual tasks, and close the books faster.


Automate user management and provide an easier, safer employee experience by integrating Brex with your HRIS and identity provider.

HRIS integration guide

In this video, we'll help you sync your HRIS to automate your user management so you can focus on growing your org, not your data entry.

Integrate your HR platform for faster user onboarding, management, and deactivation. Alternatively, use our CSV upload to reduce manual work.

For technical details about the integration, review our HRIS integration technical guide.

Questions about HRIS integration? Check out our Help Center.

SSO integration

Set up SSO (Single Sign-On) for your employees to sign in to Brex more securely and efficiently.

Questions about SSO integration? Check out our Help Center.

Multi-entity management

If you are currently enrolled in Brex’s multi-entity pilot program or would like to learn more about enabling multi-entity capabilities for your company, please review the guide below.

Multi-entity management guide

Download our multi-entity management implementation guide to learn more about how Brex lets you easily manage your spend by adding entities and employees to Brex, and configuring separate billing.

Team access

Invite your team to Brex and share these guides to help them start using and benefiting from the Empower platform, Brex cards, and reimbursements.

Invite users

Learn how to integrate your HR platform with Brex or use our CSV upload process for faster use onboarding, management, and deactivation.

Employee guides

Share these guides with employees to answer all their questions and get them started with cards, reimbursements, and expense management.




When your company has Brex travel enabled, these guides for managers and employees will help them book their first trip, manage trip details and expenses, and get the support they need whenever and wherever they travel.

Travel guides

Please share these guides with your team to quickly introduce them to everything they need to know about Brex travel.



Onboarding Brex as a vendor

Below is information you need to set up Brex as a vendor — including information about paying for software and local card bills, as well as making manual USD card payments. If you’d like a PDF version, please download below.

General information

Is Brex a law firm?

Business classification
C Corporation

Industry type
Financial Services / Financial Technology

Is Brex providing goods or services to a [Company’s Name] US entity?

Where is Brex based?
Organized in Delaware, USA

What countries and states will Brex perform services in and/or provide goods?
Brex has hubs in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Israel. If you need more information please reach out to ar@brex.com.

Legal name
Brex Inc.

Alternate name usage (DBA, PO order name, etc.)
Brex Technologies Inc. (DBA in California)

DUNS numbers

Primary phone

650 South 500 West, Suite 209
Salt Lake City UT 84101

Is Brex a diverse vendor?

Tax information

United States of America

VAT number

Tax ID type

Tax ID number

Other tax ID number

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a W-9 from Brex?
Download Brex Inc. W-9 here.

What methods of payment does Brex accept?
Brex accepts ACH and wires for US payments. For local card payments, please contact ar@brex.com for more information.

Where can I get payment instructions on official Brex letterhead?
Download Brex Inc. payment instructions on official Brex letterhead for each type of payment:
  • ACH and Wires

*For local card payment instructions, please contact ar@brex.com.

What email address should I use to send purchase orders (POs),  supplier portal invitations, or payment notifications?
Send all billing communications and questions to ar@brex.com.

Does Brex have a Bill.com account established?
Yes, below is our information on file with Bill.com.

Managed by : Brex Empower billing (ar@brex.com)
Address : 650 South 500 West, Suite 209, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Phone : 844-725-9569
Payment network ID : 0200731144176261
Profile URL : app02.us.bill.com/network/0200731144176261

*For local card payment instructions, please contact ar@brex.com for more information.

What if I need additional information that is not provided here?
Please email ar@brex.com for additional vendor onboarding support

How can I verbally confirm payment instructions with Brex?
Please call Brex AR at +1 (205) 794-0523 Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm CT.

How will I receive SaaS invoices?
Brex Empower SaaS invoices are typically sent on the first business day of each month. They will be emailed to the billing contact that has been provided to Brex. If you need to make changes to this contact information, please send your request to ar@brex.com.