Why is my net 60-day statement payment amount different than my spend amount?

For net 60-day statement customers, it's a common occurrence for your payment amounts not to match your spending total from 60 days prior. This is expected behavior and will occur due to the unique nature of your net 60-day statement terms. This discrepancy will occur when you receive a credit within the statement period.

When your account is credited due to rewards, payments, or refunds, we'll credit that amount to your balance immediately in your favor. This crediting entry, however, will be contained in a statement that is due 60 days from the date of the credit. This may cause your automated payment on the statement due date to be greater than the spend amount in the corresponding statement period.

Here's an illustrative example:

  • You spend $100 on Day 1.

  • You get a refund for $50 and spend $200 on Day 10.

  • Autopay draws $50 on day 61 ($100 spend minus immediate $50 refund. Spend total for the statement period is $100).

  • Autopay draws $200 on day 70 (spend total for statement period is $150 since it includes the $50 refund that was already credited).

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