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We want to help you maintain your credit limit so your business activities aren’t interrupted. If you notice that your account’s spending limit has recently changed but aren’t sure why, it might be due to one of these common reasons.

Your credit limit is $0

Brex changes credit limits to $0 when account activity suggests that you may become unable to repay the balance. Additionally, Brex can change your credit limit to $0 at our sole discretion based on violations of our platform agreement, a Terms of Service violation, or our determination of risk. Below are examples of scenarios that might result in a $0 credit limit.

No connected bank

If you don't have connected external bank accounts and have not provided bank statements, we won’t be able to underwrite a limit for you. You can fix this by either connecting a bank account or switching to statement underwriting.

Bank data staleness

Even if you have connected a bank account, it might be out of date or has lost connectivity. We can’t issue you a credit limit during long periods of staleness because we need visibility into your company's cash balance. Please reconnect your bank account as soon as possible.

Missing statements

We’ll proactively email you at the beginning of each month to collect your previous month’s statement(s). However, if we don't receive your monthly statements for an extended period of time, we can no longer issue you a credit limit. Be sure to submit your most recent bank statements as soon as you can.

Minimum cash balance/monthly

We generally require that you maintain a cash balance of at least $25,000 to be issued a credit limit. This minimum requirement is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on our determination of risk and may be adjusted at our sole discretion. If your net cash balance falls below this threshold, we reserve the right to collect your outstanding balance from your primary funding source and change your credit limit to $0. This can also happen if you’re grandfathered into making 60-day payments and aren’t meeting the minimum monthly revenue requirements. You can have your limit reinstated by connecting an additional bank account that puts your cumulative cash balance above $25,000.

Failed payments

If your automatic statement payment fails or is reversed, we'll email you with a prompt to correct the issue. If you don’t arrange an alternate payment, your account limit may be changed to $0. First find out why your payment might have failed, so it doesn’t impact you again. You can then make a new payment to Brex to settle your statement.


Depending on your situation, there are a few different actions you can take to maintain your Brex credit limit and avoid interruptions.

Giving us visibility to another external account

If you’re using our Brex card with monthly payments product, your limit is typically determined by the cash balances in your connected bank accounts. Giving us visibility into more of your funds by connecting an additional external bank account is one way to positively impact your credit limit.

Uploading bank statements

Providing additional bank statements with visibility into more of your funds can be an alternative option to maintain your credit limit if you cannot connect your bank account. For more information on uploading statements for underwriting purposes, refer to this article.

Adding funds to your connected accounts

If you have accounts connected to Brex already, adding funds to your external account can help maintain your credit limit. If you give us visibility into your external account via a direct connection, we should see your updated balance shortly. If you’re giving us visibility by uploading statements, you may need to upload an up-to-date statement, even if your upload date hasn’t come due yet.

Let us know in advance

If you plan to add funds or are expecting additional fundraising, please contact Brex Support to let us know.

Your credit limit is negative

Though uncommon, your available spend could end up in the negative if your credit limit is lowered to below that of your used balance. The best way to address this is to determine why your limit was dropped or zeroed. Something may require your attention. You can also make an early payment to free up spending room. Early payments will clear in 3-5 business days. Credit limits are calculated in part by Brex’s ongoing account-specific determination of risk. These credit limits are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion in accordance with our rights outlined in the Platform Agreement.

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