What is the minimum cash balance/monthly revenue I need to maintain my credit limit?

Brex generally requires its customers to maintain a cash balance of at least $25,000 to maintain any credit limit. This minimum requirement is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on our determination of risk and may be adjusted at our sole discretion.

If your net cash balance falls below this threshold, Brex reserves the right to collect your outstanding balance at any time from your primary funding source and change your credit limit to $0.

If your automatic payment to Brex for your account balance fails or your bank connection becomes stale, Brex may change your credit limit to $0. If this occurs, you can connect another bank account to increase the amount of visible funds we see. Here’s a guide that can help: How can I connect an additional bank account to Brex?.

Note: The above requirement is to maintain a pre-existing credit limit for an active Brex account. To learn more about minimum cash balances for opening a new account, read What are the requirements for a Brex account?.

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