Can I cancel or modify my Brex Cash transfer?

ACHs and wires

Once you’ve initiated an ACH or wire transfer from your Brex Cash account, you won’t have the option of canceling it. If necessary, you can get in touch with your receiving institution to arrange for the transfer to be sent back after it arrives.

You can send amendments after your wire transfers have gone out if you need to make adjustments to the instructions. However, the same cannot be done with ACHs.


Admins and users can cancel outbound checks from the Brex dashboard following the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to Cash > Transactions. Under CompletedProcessing transactions, you’ll see a list of processing or future payments.

Step 2: Select the check payment and click the ⊘ icon on the left side of Download transaction.

Once the check has been canceled, a notification will be emailed to all admins and users on the account.

Note: Payments that do not have the cancel button available have already been delivered and can no longer be canceled.

Recurring deposits

Recurring transfers that have not yet begun to process can be canceled as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to Cash > Transactions > Scheduled.

Step 2: Select the payment and click the ⊘ icon on the left side of Download transaction.

Step 3: Click Cancel to cancel all future deposits.

Note: To edit the recurring deposit, click the three dots and select Edit.

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