What are my booking options with Brex travel?

Note: If your team doesn't have access to Brex travel, an account or card admin can go to Company settings > Plan and billing in the dashboard. From here, you can click on Enable travel, or Schedule a call to learn more.


Basic economy

Brex travel offers basic economy inventory in the US. Basic economy has the lowest fares in the economy cabin and comes with more restrictions than the standard economy fare. Although basic economy appears less costly, the cost of basic add-ons can sometimes equal or surpass standard economy fares.

Typical restrictions of basic economy include but are not limited to:

  • Seat selection

  • Flight change/cancellation

  • Priority boarding options

  • Voluntary changes, including same-day changes

  • Traveler status upgrades

  • Restrictions surrounding carry-on luggage

Low cost carriers

Brex travel provides access to low cost carriers such as Ryanair in EMEA, or Spirit and Frontier Airlines in the US.

Ryanair, in particular, mandates that all bookings made through Brex travel be manually added and managed via the traveler's Ryanair profile in Ryanair’s mobile app or desktop page. This is required for online check-in.

Ryanair flight modifications and cancellations will be processed via Ryanair and not through Brex travel support. Additionally, any changes or cancellations made through Ryanair may not show up in Brex travel.

For more information, please contact Ryanair support.


Brex travel provides travelers with comprehensive lodging choices by sourcing inventory directly from a variety of sources. We also offer flexible payment options for hotel bookings, including the option to prepay at the time of checkout or provide payment to the hotel at the time of stay.


When booking a prepaid hotel, your payment details will be sent to the hotel and you’ll be charged before your stay. How soon this charge is applied can vary between different hotels. A prepaid hotel room is charged at the time of checkout in Brex travel and excludes resort or other fees. If there are no ancillaries or extra charges for the room rate disclosed in the terms — like a resort fee, local tax, etc. — there will be no additional charges. If there are extra charges from the property, such as local taxes and resort fees, those may be collected upon check-in or checkout at the hotel.

A credit card is still required at check-in for incidentals.

Pay at hotel or Pay later

A pay at hotel room is charged at the hotel either upon check-in or checkout by the hotel and varies based on hotel policy. When this charge occurs is solely at the discretion of the hotel. A credit card tied to your spend limit is required to reserve the room through Brex but will not be charged prior to your stay at the hotel. You’ll need to give the hotel a physical credit card at the time of check-in for the cost of the room and incidentals.

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