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With Brex, you can enroll in one of the most valuable corporate rewards programs available. Other cards cut off your points earnings after you hit a spending limit, but there's no cap on what you can earn with Brex. By using Brex Exclusive rewards, your company will have the flexibility to earn points based on USD card spend with US-based merchants and redeem them for one of our many reward options. You can read more about our rewards program here. In the Rewards tab of your dashboard, Brex account and card admins can:

  1. Check your company's current rewards points balance
  2. Review the current options and values for redemption
  3. See redemption history and values

Points multipliers

Brex offers point multipliers based on the merchant category of the transaction: 1x = 1 point earned for every US dollar spent with a US-based merchant. All customers will be enrolled in the Brex Exclusive accelerated rewards program unless otherwise specified on your contract.

RewardBrex Exclusive + monthly payments productBrex Exclusive + monthly payments product [Life Science]Brex Exclusive + daily payments product [Advertising]Brex Exclusive + daily payments product [Software]Brex Exclusive + daily payments product [Life Science]
Rideshare (e.g., Uber, Lyft, taxi)7x1x8x8x1x
Brex travel rewards4x4x5x5x5x
Eligible Apple purchases through the Brex rewards portal3x3x3x3x3x
Recurring software2x1x1x3x1x
Life science conference tickets*1x7x1x1x8x
Lab supplies**1x2x1x1x2x
Everything else1x1x1x1x1x

*To qualify for the life science conference tickets point multiplier, the purchase must have been for a ticket or registration to a life sciences conference. Please note that booths, marketing/promotional materials, and other non-ticket-related expenses do not qualify.

**To qualify for the lab supplies point multiplier, the purchase must have been made from a lab supplier. Purchases from non-life sciences merchants such as Amazon do not qualify.

Brex Exclusive custom rewards

Companies that have over 50 Brex users and meet minimum spending commitments can also qualify for custom uncapped flat-rate rebates. Please speak with Brex Sales if you have questions about how to qualify.

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