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How can I itemize a personal expense or request a partial reimbursement?

Requesting less than the expense amount

When going through the flow to submit a reimbursement request, the Amount field may auto-populate to the entire cost of the expense you’re requesting reimbursement for. If you need to request a partial reimbursement that is less than the amount of the expense, you can manually change the Amount field during the submission process.

For example, let’s assume you made a purchase for $150 but only need to reimburse $100. You can manually edit the Amount field to $100.

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Separating one receipt across multiple budgets

You can separate your receipt across multiple budgets by submitting multiple reimbursement requests with the same receipt and assigning to the right budget.

For example, if you made a purchase for $150, but $80 is for Budget A and $70 is for Budget B, you’d start by submitting one reimbursement request for Budget A. For this request, you can upload the receipt and set the requested reimbursement amount to $80. After submission, submit another reimbursement request for Budget B by uploading the same receipt and setting the requested reimbursement amount to $70. You can use the memo and comment thread to provide context to expedite approval.

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