Is a Brex business account a bank account?

The Brex business account is not a bank account. It is a cash management account offered by Brex Treasury (a FINRA-registered broker-dealer).

You can use your Brex business account to:

  • Securely deposit checks (via mobile app)

  • Send and receive global payments via ACH, check, and wire

  • Manage spend for all user types

The Brex business account lets you choose how your money is stored. Elect to keep your deposits in our partner banks with up to $6M in FDIC insurance or invest your funds in a government money market fund — or any combination of these options. You’ll always have access to your funds and can update your allocation preferences anytime.

No matter how you choose to store your funds, your Brex account gives you unlimited corporate credit cards for secure, convenient spending. The cards are automatically paid daily like a debit card — while giving you cash back on USD card spend at US merchants, and helping you build your business credit.

Note: Unlike debit cards, Brex cards cannot be used to make cash deposits or ATM withdrawals.

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