Can I book travel for my colleague through Spotnana?

You can book travel either for yourself or for a colleague using our travel rewards portal. To book travel for a colleague, click Change traveler on the homepage and select a different user.

If the selected traveler has logged into Spotnana via Brex before, their profile will be available for selection. If not (or if the traveler does not have an active Brex account), an admin can create their profile by clicking Change traveler and Register new traveler.

Note: As an admin, you can choose to pay for this booking with reward points or with a Brex credit card. Non-admins will need to use a card, and can only book for themselves.

Once you book for your colleague once, travel rewards will store their profile in a dropdown menu making it easy to book for them again. When you check out, your colleague will receive their itinerary with relevant updates.

Spotnana only allows for individual bookings. If an admin wants to book for multiple travelers, they can book one at a time by changing the applicable profile on the Spotnana home page.

Changing role types for booking purposes

Only Brex admins can make bookings on behalf of others in Spotnana. If non-admins would like to book for others, their admin can update their role in Spotnana using these instructions:

Step 1: At the top of the Spotnana home page, go to Program > Settings > Users.

Step 2: Click on the user whose role needs to be changed and select Roles.

Step 3: Change the user’s role to Company Admin or Travel Arranger and click Save.

If the non-admin is made a travel arranger, they can make bookings on behalf of those already in the Spotnana system, but cannot create users themselves. If the non-admin is made a company admin, they can book for others, create new profiles, and view and spend points.

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