How do I redeem my Brex points?

Now that you’ve earned some points by transacting on your Brex card, it’s time to redeem them. Brex has several reward options you can choose from.

Gift cards

Exchange your Brex points for a gift card with several of our partners: How do I redeem my Brex points for a gift card?.


Get exclusive travel deals for airfare and hotels: How do I redeem my Brex points for travel?.

Transfer points to miles

Prefer to redeem points toward travel without using the Brex Travel portal? Transfer them to an airline alliance you’re a member of: How do I transfer my Brex points to airline miles?.


Convert your Brex points into Bitcoin or Ethereum: How do I redeem my Brex rewards points for cryptocurrency?.

Statement credit

Apply your Brex points toward your monthly statement credit (only if you do not have a Brex Cash account): How do I redeem my Brex points towards statement credit?

Cash back

Redeem your Brex points for cash back (Brex Cash customers only): How do I redeem my Brex points for cash back?.

Offset instant revenue fees

Offset fees associated with instant revenue (only applies to ecommerce customers linking their payouts to Brex via instant revenue): How are instant revenue fees collected?.

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