How do I lock/unlock my card?

Locking a card will block transactions from taking place on it. You can unlock your own card if you’d like to prevent it from being used or account admins and card admins can lock the card of one of your employees. Locked cards will be indicated by a locked card icon in the card owner’s Wallet until they’re unlocked.

Your own card

You can lock or unlock your own card at any time from either your Brex dashboard or your app. Please follow the steps below:

Note: If your card was locked by an card admin or account admin, only that admin can unlock the card.

In the dashboard

Step 1: Navigate to Wallet.

Step 2: Click the three dots to the right of the card in question.

Step 3: Click Unlock or Lock.

In the app

Note: Please make sure you’ve updated your Brex app to the latest version.

Step 1:
From your Wallet, tap the primary card at the top of the screen.

If you want to lock/unlock a different card, tap that card from Other cards.

Step 2: Tap Lock card to lock your card. If the card is already locked, tap Unlock card to unlock it.

Via notification

If your card was automatically locked due to an unusual transaction, you’ll receive an SMS, depending on your communication preferences. We’ll list out transactions that caused the flag and, if you recognize the flagged transaction, you can unlock your card following the prompt on the notification.

Another user’s card

Account admins and card admins can lock or unlock any cards that belong to other users in the dashboard by following the steps below.

Note: If a card admin or account admin locks the card that belongs to an employee or AP clerk, that user won’t be able to unlock their card again without admin approval.

In the dashboard

Step 1: Under Team > Company, search the name of the user.

Step 2: Click on their name and, in the Cards section, locate the card you want to lock.

Step 3: Click the 3 dots to the right of the card’s name and select either Lock or Unlock.

Step 4: If locking, choose the Reason for locking this card and click Lock Card.

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