How do I connect Brex to Concur?

Please work with a Concur Client Success Manager to set up an automatic feed of Brex transactions into Concur.

Connecting to Concur

Step 1: Email your Concur Client Success Manager or to request a new feed for Brex.

If you have just signed up for Concur, you can discuss this with your Concur Sales rep. The Concur rep will collect information needed to start the process, disclose any applicable fees, and have you complete an order form. Your request will then be submitted to the Concur Implementation team.

Step 2: Brex will contact you to confirm the date from which you would like to have transactions sent to Concur and work with your Concur Implementation Project Manager to set up the connection.

Step 3: The Concur Implementation Project Manager will notify you when the setup process is completed; they will show you how to assign individual Brex cardholders to their respective reports in Concur.

Posted transactions will flow automatically into employees’ expense reports on Concur once a day. If you encounter any issues or want to disconnect the integration, please work with your Concur Client Success Manager directly.

Important notes

To protect your privacy, we will send a made-up credit card number in place of your real one, so you will see a column that shows "Last 4 digits" but it won't match any of your Brex cards. We will send one unique 16-digit number for each individual cardholder (even if you have multiple cards).

All transactions will show up as USD, including those that originated in foreign currencies.

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