How do Brex points work?

Are points capped?

No. Unlike other card programs, Brex rewards multipliers are unlimited. As you grow, you'll keep earning the maximum number of points.

Do they expire?

As long as you have an open account, your Brex points never expire — and you don't have to worry about using them in a certain time frame. We want Brex cardholders to be able to make the most of their Brex points!

After an account is closed, however, any Brex points that have not been redeemed cannot be recovered or put to use.

Can they be gifted?

We currently don’t support transferring points from one Brex account to another.

However, points can be redeemed for miles in any airline loyalty account that we partner with: Oneworld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance. To redeem points toward airline miles, follow instructions in How do I transfer my Brex points to airline miles?.

Account admins and card admins are also able to book travel for anyone through the Spotnana portal. Please see How do I redeem my Brex points? for more details.

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