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Can I use a personal bank account for reimbursements and repayments?

You can set up a personal bank account for use with reimbursements and repayments by clicking your name at the top right of your dashboard and selecting Settings. Go to Personal > Personal bank account and click Connect account.

Next, you can select the country location of the bank account you’re connecting and input your banking details per the following steps.

[US only] Using Plaid to connect to a personal bank account

Brex uses Plaid to connect to any personal bank accounts. This lets us send reimbursements to your bank account and create repayments for personal expenses on your company card. The Plaid connection also verifies ownership to help prevent fraud.

Note: Brex facilitates all money movement through our own systems. Plaid is only used to verify ownership of your bank account.

Here are the connection methods we support through Plaid:

Instant connection

We recommend connecting to your bank account instantly by securely signing in with your banking credentials. This will verify your bank account for instant use for reimbursements and repayments. To get started, search for your bank in the Plaid modal and follow the steps presented.

Manual connection with micro-deposits

If your bank isn’t available through Plaid or you’d rather not sign in with your bank credentials, you can connect manually. To do so, you’ll input your account and routing numbers. Within one business day, two deposits will be made to your account. Following this, you can return to your Personal settings page to verify your account by inputting the amounts of the micro-deposits.

To get started, scroll to the bottom of the Select your institution page in the Plaid modal, and click Link with account numbers. Follow the steps presented.

Information sharing

Brex receives your bank account information from this connection, which is necessary to facilitate transfers for reimbursements and repayments. For manually connected accounts, Brex will only have access to your account and routing numbers to send reimbursements. For instantly connected accounts, Brex will have access to account balance. No data will be shared externally.

Please read our Plaid article to learn what information is stored and shared with Plaid.

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