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Brex collaborates with a diverse range of partner organizations to add value to Brex accounts. We have alliances with companies frequently utilized by Brex customers so that we’re able to provide exclusive rewards and deals on these companies’ services. In addition, some of our partners incentivize their customers to open a Brex account, offering unique benefits and rewards.

For existing Brex customers

If you already have a Brex account, you can see any promotions that our partners currently have to offer on the Rewards page of your dashboard. Here are some specific partner rewards:


You can earn 3x rewards points on all eligible Apple purchases through your Brex dashboard.

Eligible Apple product purchases include Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, Apple Certified Refurbished products, Apple accessories, and Apple software. You also get free shipping on all purchases and free engraving on iPads and some accessories, such as AirPods.

The average startup spends $25k a year on electronics for employees. Given this, these extra rewards can greatly help extend your business runway.

Points may take up to eight weeks from the ship date to be applied to your company's total points balance. Items that are returned or otherwise cancelled are not eligible to receive points and points will be reversed. Points allocation may also change for eligible purchases without prior notice.

Terms and conditions Items that are returned or otherwise canceled are not eligible to receive points and points will be reversed. Some products are excluded, and caps might apply. Full details can be found in the Brex Rewards Marketplace in the Brex dashboard.

3x is the total rate per transaction that can be earned (if you are already on Brex Exclusive, you will earn an extra 2x points in addition to the 1x you earn as part of Brex Exclusive).

Microsoft advertising

Brex customers automatically earn 5% back on Microsoft advertising purchases (includes Bing).

Purchase Microsoft advertising on your Brex Mastercard and within 2-5 days, your 5% rebate will appear in the form of a credit on your Brex statement

No offer activation needed — every Brex Mastercard is automatically enrolled!

Terms and conditions Maximum $10,000 in annual spend, per card. Available on all Brex Mastercards for all customers. Not available on Visa cards. You can request a new Mastercard at any time from your dashboard.

For non-Brex customers

Our esteemed business partners offer exclusive rewards for customers who sign up for a Brex account through their company’s landing page. Each referral is a unique opportunity tailored with specific requirements that, once met, open the door to a world of benefits. To find out if your affiliates are offering any Brex account creation incentives, we encourage you to reach out to them and ask about their current Brex promotions.

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