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How do I approve reimbursements?

Account and card admins will see a list of reimbursements needing approval in Inbox > Reimbursements On your app, these will appear in your Inbox.

To approve a reimbursement, click an expense, view details on the right, and click Approve. To request more information from the employee, click on the Comments section to add a comment or Remind about documentation to receive reminders.

After an account or card admin approves a reimbursement, employees will be notified by email and can expect to receive the funds based on the payment settings of the entity.

Note: Once a reimbursement has been approved, it cannot be canceled.

Rapidly approve reimbursements

Account and card admins can rapidly filter and bulk approve reimbursements from the Expenses page in your Brex dashboard. Here, you’ll find a side panel that lists out all of your company expenses.

HC - Reimbursements Approve03

By clicking Group, you can organize the list based on employee, trip, or other commonalities, so that you can view reimbursement requests in context to one another.

Clicking Add Filter narrows down your search by parameters such as how many reimbursements have yet to be paid out, what expenses are pending for a specific subsidiary, or which expenses aren’t compliant. You can use more than one filter at a time.

From here, you can bulk approve reimbursements by checking the boxes on the left side of each individual reimbursement or the box above to select all requests in a common group.

HC - Reimbursements Approve02

You can leave comments on a reimbursement request to ask the employee for more information about the transaction. Add a ‘@’ followed by the user’s name to tag them, or click Remind about documentation to send them an automated reminder.

Automated approval rules

You can configure your policies to auto-approve reimbursements that are under a certain dollar amount.

In your dashboard

Step 1: Go to Budgets > Budget templates and click View all. Read this article for more information on budget templates.

Step 2: Select the template you want to edit or click General to apply to all reimbursements not part of a template.

Step 3: Go to Expense policy and click Edit.

Step 4: You can skip the first page by clicking Next.

Step 5: Click Edit to modify the approval flow for reimbursements.

Step 6: Under Approvers, click Add Rule.

The default rule lets you choose the minimum dollar amount that requires approval from an account or card admin. For example, if you want reimbursements under $25 to be automatically approved, change For expenses equal to or above to $25.

HC - Reimbursements Approve01

You can configure secondary approvals for reimbursements by clicking Add another approval step. This adds another approver to pass the approval chain to after the primary approver has signed off.

You can also click Add another rule to make the required approval threshold even more specific. For example, you can configure auto-approval under $25, add single approval for expenses from $25 to $75, and a secondary approval for expenses over $75.

HC - Reimbursements Approve04

You can learn more about customizing expense policies here.

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