Why is my bank connection out of date or stale?

Your Finicity or Plaid connection may occasionally lose connectivity and become out of date, or “stale," which requires you to reestablish the connection via your dashboard. Brex will proactively send email alerts to admins before we reduce your credit limit due to a stale bank connection.

Brex is unable to issue you a credit limit during long periods of staleness because our product requires visibility into your company’s cash balance. Therefore, bank staleness will result in a reduced credit limit and we'll change your limit to $0 if your account remains stale for too long.

Note: Banks sometimes make changes to their products or the way that they send data to third-party software like Finicity and Plaid, which can cause staleness even if you have recently established the connection.

You can re-establish your bank connection using this guide: How can I reconnect my bank to Brex?.

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