What type of statements can I use for underwriting?

To determine your credit limit from your bank statements, Brex will require at least one operational business account and two months' worth of statements. In order to be acceptable for underwriting purposes, these statements should be:

  • Complete: Statements with missing pages will not be accepted.

  • Unaltered: No redacted info and markups such as highlighting or commenting.

  • In PDF format: Screenshots, spreadsheets, scanned copies, or activity reports will only be considered in exceptional cases.

  • From business accounts only: Personal bank accounts will not be accepted.

  • From domestic bank accounts only and with funds denominated in USD.

Outside of standard bank statements, we also accept these formats under the circumstances noted below:

  • Consolidated statements (i.e. one single PDF that contains multiple accounts):

    • These will be accepted as long as each account satisfies our general guidelines.

  • Certificates of deposits:

    • These are also accepted as long as their maturity is <1 year old.

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