What is a card testing attack?

A card testing attack begins with fraud actors rapidly testing thousands of potential credit card credentials. They use various digital tools, including bots or scripts, that can cycle through hundreds or thousands of numbers on an ecommerce site.

The fraud actors’ main objective is to quickly identify a valid card and/or reveal a card’s missing security elements. This type of fraud is common across the entire credit card industry and does not necessarily mean that your card number has been compromised. Parameters like card expiry and CVV can prevent unauthorized charges. Unfortunately, processors and merchants do not always enforce these parameters.

Security is of utmost importance at Brex and we take strong measures to protect your account, including:

  • Fraud alert notifications

  • Automatic card locking in response to suspicious activity

  • Working with major issuing banks to share learnings and implement industry-leading responses

If you see unauthorized charges, please file a dispute through your Brex dashboard by following the instructions in How can I dispute a fraudulent transaction?.

You can also chat with our support team by clicking Support at the top right of your dashboard.

Additional information about security at Brex

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