What are the different types of cards I can get?

Brex has a variety of cards to choose from that allow you to control your team’s spend–physical cards, virtual cards, and vendor cards.

All of these card types are considered credit cards, which you can learn more about here: Is the Brex card a credit card or a debit card?.

Users can request these cards by navigating to Manage cards under the Card tab and selecting Get a new card.

Physical cards

Our physical cards are a typical corporate card! These cards are perfect for your day-to-day spend while you’re out operating your business.

Virtual cards

Virtual cards exist solely on your Brex dashboard, which makes them the best option for recurring software and online purchases. Also, since you can’t lose your virtual cards, we recommend identifying accounts that store your payment information and adding your virtual cards to those. That way, you’ll never have to go through the pain of updating your payment method if you were to lose a card. Lastly, you can also add these virtual cards to your mobile wallet to use them at physical locations.

Vendor cards

Vendor cards are short-term cards that can be given to individuals for procurement or paying vendors. While there is a cap for how many virtual cards you can create, admins can create as many vendor cards as they like.

Vendor cards allow you to set a spend limit which can be set to a monthly limit, or a total limit, whichever works best for you. You’ll also be able to set a reason for the card, which will automatically populate in the memo section of transactions the specific card is used for. Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to set a lock date, which will be the expiration date of the card.

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