What are micro-deposits / trial deposits?

Micro-deposits and trial deposits are both terms that are used to describe small deposits that are credited to a bank or money management account to make sure there’s an established connection. With Brex products, the size of the deposits will be  $0.01, and are completed via the ACH process in the same business day.

These generally occur when connecting your bank account to another platform, and are done to make sure that the connection is verified and can be used for debits or other money movements. When using Brex, you may see these in any of the following scenarios.

Setting up an autopay bank account

In an effort to offer a wider range of coverage for external banks that can be used to pay your Brex statement, our authentication process may require a micro-deposit to and from a connected bank account. This occurs within the first few days of connecting an autopay account that couldn’t be verified instantly.

For some bank accounts, Brex will automatically verify the micro-deposit amounts once they land in your bank account without any user action. In other cases, you will need to manually verify those amounts through the External Accounts page.

Setting up reimbursements / repayments

When you add a personal bank account to use for reimbursements or repayments, you may notice trial deposits to and from that account. These occur to make sure that funds can be moved into the account in preparation for future reimbursements.

Note: Personal bank connections for reimbursement or repayment purposes are not used for account underwriting.

Connecting your Brex business account to an external platform

When you connect your Brex business account to another vendor’s platform, that vendor may attempt a micro-deposit to and from your Brex business account. You won’t need to take any action to approve this. However, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t have your bank account set to block ACH debits.

This article explains how to manage your blocked and allowed ACH settings: How do I block or allow ACH debits?.

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