How do I use bill pay?

Our aim is to make bill payments easy. Each Brex business account has a unique email address for bill pay. It can be found by clicking Add bills from email on the Bills page of your dashboard. When vendors send invoices to that unique address, the invoice will automatically be imported into Brex as a draft for you to review and approve.

Paying a bill

Brex business account admins can upload invoices to create bills via the dashboard, and then schedule a payment for that bill. AP clerks can draft bills for admins to review and approve.

Step 1: Click Bills on the left side of your dashboard and then click Pay a vendor on the right side. You’ll be able to upload an invoice if you have one.

Step 2: Enter the name of the recipient. If it’s a company or vendor you’ve paid before, they will show up in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Select the payment method, the amount, and any additional details, i.e., invoice number, due date, etc.

Note: If you haven’t connected the external bank account where you want to receive payment, follow the prompts to do so now. Keep in mind that external bank accounts only support admin-initiated ACHs as a bill pay payment type.

Step 4: Enter the date you’d like to send the payment and then review your bill.

If you’d like to have bills automatically uploaded to your dashboard for review, you can provide vendors with your unique email address for invoices. Please read How do I send my bills to Brex? for more details.

Creating draft of a bill without sending it

Brex business account AP clerks can create drafts of bills for admins to review and approve, and Brex admins can draft and save bills to send later.

Step 1: Under Bills, click Pay a vendor.

Step 2: Review the payment and click Send to approver, or if you’d like to make changes, click Edit payment.

The account admin will be notified of the drafted bill and prompted to approve or deny it. The user will be notified about the final decision.

Canceling or editing a scheduled bill

Step 1: Click Bills and then In Progress.

Step 2: Click on a scheduled bill to view the details pane. If the payment can be canceled, click Cancel. Payments that are already processing usually cannot be canceled.

Step 3: If canceled, the payment can be reverted to a draft where admins will be able to delete, edit, or reschedule it.

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