How do I connect Brex to Deel?

Make instant payments using our integration with Deel. Connect your Brex business account by following the steps below and start making faster payments — worldwide.

Step 1: On the Deel homepage, select the contract from the Contracts menu or click Pay from the homepage icon.

Step 2: Select the person (or people) you want to pay and click Continue.

Step 3: To add Brex as a payment method, click Use Another Method.

Step 4: ​​Select Brex from the bottom of the available options. Payment is available in USD. Click Continue.

Step 5: When prompted, sign in to Brex.

Step 6: Select the Brex account you'd like to use and click Select Account.

Step 7: Verify the payment amount and click Confirm Payment. You'll see a popup screen that your payment was successful.

Note: To see the statement before the transfer, click Download PDF and select the type of statement you want (Summary or Detailed) and click Download. Use the X to go back and confirm payment.

You can confirm the payment was made by going to Invoices & Receipts and selecting Receipts. The status should say Paid under the amount.

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