How can I protect my Brex card?

At Brex, we take the security of your card(s) seriously, and we're regularly investing in security measures to better protect you—and you can help us in ensuring the safety of your card number. To help protect your Brex card number, please follow these best practices.

Do not share your card details

Do not share your card details through a live channel (chat, email, or phone), even with Brex Support. Although we do everything we can to secure our systems, we cannot guarantee that your computer and network are secure.

Check out securely

When making purchases, look for https:// at the start of your URL - nearly all https:// website traffic is encrypted. Only enter your card number during checkout on trusted sites.

Stay aware of scams

Bad actors may try to gain access to sensitive information like credit card numbers by posing as reputable sources. Never send your card number over email or other messaging platforms.

Monitor your transactions

Regularly review your transaction history to ensure all payments are expected and legitimate. If you suspect that someone has gained unauthorized access to your account, please change your Brex password immediately and contact Brex Support.

To learn more about how you can protect your Brex account, please read How can I protect my Brex account?.

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