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Brex Assistant is an AI-powered personal assistant that makes it easier and faster for employees to complete time-consuming expense management tasks. Brex Assistant can automatically populate and suggest documentation requirements for card expenses, including receipts, memos, expense categories, and attendees. It can also automatically assign budgets for card expenses

Before you use Brex Assistant

Protecting your privacy and data is a top priority for everything we build at Brex. Any data required to power a Brex AI experience follows stringent security requirements. Review our risk considerations for AI to learn more. Brex Assistant may make mistakes, so it’s important to double-check any information that it generates. Brex Assistant suggestions don’t represent Brex’s views, and shouldn’t be attributed to Brex. Brex Assistant features may suggest inaccurate or inappropriate information.Brex Assistant features may change over time.

Brex Assistant setup

For admins

Step 1: Click your name in the top right and go to Company settings > Expenses. Step 2: Go to Brex Assistant and toggle on Assistant. Your employees now have access to Brex Assistant. You can also enable/disable auto-pilot mode, which allows Brex Assistant to automatically add memos, event attendees, and auto-selecting budgets and categories for expenses. If this setting is disabled, employees will still be provided suggestions on documentation, but will need to manually accept all suggestions.

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For employees

Step 1: Click the AI button in the header of your dashboard or mobile app. Step 2: Go through the setup process and connect your Google Calendar to enable Brex Assistant to make better recommendations by matching expenses to calendar events. Brex Assistant will only read calendar events details around the timeframe of your expense. Once setup is complete, Brex Assistant will start working in the background to complete your expenses. If enabled, you’ll receive push notifications whenever Brex Assistant takes action, or you can review activity by clicking the AI button. Because Brex Assistant has auto-pilot mode enabled by default, it can take action on your behalf to automatically populate information. You can control this by clicking the settings icon.

Brex Assistant features available today

Smart suggestions You can use AI suggestions to fill in information for your expenses. You can select these with one click to complete your expenses quickly. Auto-pilot mode Brex Assistant will automatically fill in expense information, including receipts, memos, and internal or external attendees as requested by policy. It will also automatically assign spend limits and expense categories to your expenses.

Give feedback

To provide general feedback, click the AI icon in your mobile app or dashboard. Click the three dots in the top right hand corner and select Feedback. To provide feedback on memo generation, open an expense, click Added by Brex Assistant, and fill out the feedback form.

Turn off Brex Assistant

For admins

Step 1: Click your name in the top right corner and go to Company settings > Expenses. Step 2: Go to Brex Assistant and toggle off Assistant. Your employees will no longer have access to Brex Assistant.

For employees

Step 1: Click your name in the top right > Personal settings. Step 2: Go to the Brex Assistant section. Step 3: Click Disconnect to disconnect your Google Calendar and/or toggle off Auto-pilot mode.

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